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Arizona Investment Link’s Buy and Hold Strategy

As the Arizona housing market continues to turn homeowners into tenants, an ever increasing pool of Arizona Real Estate Investors are taking advantage of the discounted supply of distressed homes in Arizona. Many current Arizona Real Estate Investors are international cash buyers capitalizing on the solid cash flow of Arizona rental properties.

Investors looking to cash in on historically low real estate values contact Arizona Investment Link because they are the premiere purveyor of Arizona Wholesale Real Estate. Arizona Investment Link clients achieve phenomenal yearly cash flow; as home values are hitting historic lows…rental income is reaching historic highs.

Acquiring highly discounted properties at trustee sales (foreclosure auctions) before these homes go back to the bank assists Arizona Real Estate Investors to enhance positive cash flow investments.

Arizona Investment Link is different than other Phoenix Auction Bidding Services as they provide critical data that other companies do not. They provide more than just a “list” of foreclosure properties. Arizona Investment Link believes that fresh, reliable property and market data is the key to achieving equity at purchase. AIL provides:

Realistic comparable data no older than 60 days-AIL establishes “MAX BIDS” and rarely bids above
Accurate title searches-are you bidding on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd liens? IRS Tax liens? You need to know this
County assessors search. Are there back taxes? This information is crucial

Arizona Investment Link also provides 10 day or less rehabs-AT COST! Every savvy property investor knows that time is money. AIL has multiple rehab crews standing by to have your property “rent ready” in most cases in under 10 days!

Achieving a reliable and steadily increasing income for our buy-and-hold investors is our focus. We provide our clients with a “Start-to-Finish” experience. Arizona Investment Link will research and acquire properties at wholesale pricing, then rehab them quickly so their investors can realize their goal…having an income property that produces income-quickly!

This comprehensive approach and attention to detail is what investors love about Arizona Investment Link…and what keeps them coming back! Contact Arizona Investment Link TODAY at 602-369-4663