Making money in Arizona Real Estate

Bank Owned Properties, HUD Homes, & Short Sales

Get it while it’s hot!


Clients of Arizona Investment Link worldwide are clamoring to position themselves in one of the hottest wholesale real estate markets in the US, Arizona.

For the past 36 months, both Maricopa and Pinal County foreclosure auctions have supplied eager investors with an abundance of wholesale real estate auction properties. With the pool of real estate investors growing larger by the day, Arizona Investment Link has branched out with unique and innovative ways to obtain wholesale real estate investments for our savvy clients.

Occasionally, wholesale real estate investments slip past the foreclosure auctions and sometimes the banks will delay the foreclosure altogether if they believe they can approve a viable “short sale”-which is the bank agreeing to accept less than is owed to settle the mortgage debt.

Arizona Investment Link “scrubs” large lists of REO, HUD, and short sales on a daily basis to ensure we are providing our clients with the largest supply of wholesale real estate available for “Buy and Hold” and our newest real estate investment strategy…”The Freshstart Homeownership Program”.

Each of these “suppliers” have different eligibility and timing restrictions so call or text Arizona Investment Link for more information at 602-369-4663.

Whether you are a Buy and Hold client or you wish to hold only the “Financial Instrument” vs. an actual home, Arizona Investment Link is constantly searching out new and improved methods to provide our global client base with Arizona Wholesale Real Estate Investments.