Buy & Hold


Arizona Real Estate Investing


The #1 real estate investment strategy for beginners, and experienced investors alike.  Arizona’s real estate market is primed to offer 7% to 11% annualized returns when you hold & rent your real estate, or elect to join AIL’s Fresh Start Homeownership Program.

A new report from the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University shows that in the past year Maricopa and Pinal counties have seen:

  • Area foreclosures decrease 52 percent from February 2011.
  • Housing supply drop 42 percent from February 2011.
  • Home prices increasing for the last two quarters in a row.

Family incomes have also risen for Arizonians in the last year, along with economic development pouring into the area for a promising future.

As the area real estate market picks up steam, the effects of the mortgage meltdown is still hitting families, requiring many to rent rather than purchase again.

This is where the “buy & hold” strategy comes into view.

While some prefer to remain renters, there’s another segment of the market that would like to capture the still historically low home prices in today’s market. The catch for these potential home buyers is not lack of income, or financial ability to put down 20% on their new home, rather they’ve suffered a hit to their credit score.

Many mortgage lenders are requiring credit scores over 700 points to qualify for a conventional mortgage. For those potential buyers with good credit, but not excellent credit – they have few options to become homeowners again.

With Arizona Investment Link’s Fresh Start Program, we assist an investor in buying homes at wholesale, remodel (at cost) if needed, then list & market the property to find your buyer.

AIL takes care of each transaction from start to finish including scheduling appraisals, inspections, title searches & closings. From there, you the investor collects the 20% down payment, your monthly payments and once the buyer has established a good payment record, they can elect to move to a conventional mortgage and pay off the mortgage held by you.

When investors combine the 20% down payment from the buyer & the improving real estate market in the greater Phoenix area, any potential risk on your original investment is greatly reduced.

It’s a win/win for you the investor & the home buyer as well!

Investors interested in holding rentals, whether a single condo, single family, or multi-family units benefit from the annual return on investment through rent and when ready to sell, see gains again on what’s projected to be an increased property’s value.

As if all of these benefits were not enough reason to call Jason LaFlesch & the AIL team, you have additional confidence in our expertise due to our unprecedented transparency. You can review years of real estate transactions that we’ve handled right here on our website. From “before and after” photographs, to number of days on the market and the sales price. No one is more transparent than AIL.

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