We really appreciate all of our clients feedback & thought you might enjoy hearing more about us through their experiences…



Dear Jason,

In our busy real estate market the efforts of our co-broke colleagues all too often go unnoticed. We want you to know that we noticed! Your hard work, expertise and professionalism were very much apparent! We wish that every transaction was as pleasant as yours was.

I want to personally thank you for your efforts in the successful closing of 2943 S. Extension Rd with Chris Boesel. The agents of United Brokers Group look forward to future transactions with you and your firm.

Thank you!

Designated Broker / CEO
United Brokers Group

E Beatrice Reflection by Ben Nunes

Advocate? Adversary?

Thank you, Jason, for making this transaction a win-win!

When my Buyer’s first lender failed to perform, little did we realize the long road ahead. After 3 months past the original Close of Escrow, challenges of 2 appraisals, 3 – 4 RE-inspections, fulfilling 2nd Lender requirements, several Extensions, we finally reached that Goal!

Working together and being Advocates, and not Adversaries has been the characteristic of this Escrow. Protecting the best interests of the Buyer and Seller in a positive environment brought this Sale to completion, and I want to express appreciation to YOU and the following:

1) Your patient Seller, Scott Nolan
2) The persistent and courteous Lender, Stephanie Pearson, WJBradley
3) Your efficient and competent Assistant, Sandy Betancourt
4) The experienced and qualified Title Company, Nora Rich & Deeana Lee, First Arizona Title

We can finally close this “life-long” Escrow.

Thanks for the privilege of doing business. You are a true Professional. It was a positive experience, and I look forward to working with you in the future.


Ben Nunes, REALTOR®
ABR, SFR, Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Biltmore Office
3113 E. Lincoln Dr.
Phoenix, Arizona 85016
(602) 954-6888 (o)

Adam H.
If you’re reading this, I can only assume you’re thinking of investing with AIL. I was in your shoes about 9 months ago. I spoke with Jason LaFlesch and then read all the testimonials on here. They all pretty much say the same things: How wonderful Jason and Sandy are and great it is to work with AIL. That’s all good and well (and also very true!) but that doesn’t put any money in the bank. No one gave any actual numbers, so even though I trusted that it would be good overall experience, I really wanted to see some actual numbers.

Having been lied to a few times in my life, I’m always a bit mistrustful of sales pitches and the often inflated best-case-scenario “results” that are often quoted during them. I like Ronald Reagan’s advice: “Trust, but verify”. I didn’t know if the numbers quoted during my initial talks with Jason were accurate or “real” and I had no way to verify them. So, if you’re wanting some real life examples, here are my actual numbers from the three properties we’ve done so far:

Testimonial ChartTestimonial Chart 2

As you can see from the numbers, we’ve done very well with AIL. Our very first one we didn’t make a whole lot but I believe that is the second “worst” performing property in AIL’s history. We still earned more of a return then many credit card companies do! That’s not too shabby for a “bad” one. The second property is on the low side of average. Both of our first two properties were sold during holiday times when selling can be a bit more challenging. Our third property was very exciting! Over $15,000 made in 2 ½ months. When is the last time you made that much that quickly? Definitely above average!

As you can see, every property is different and unique. What is constant is the great work and good attitude by Jason and Sandy. They are fun to work with, always make time for questions (even the dumb ones), actually return phone calls, and have a good sense of humor. They truly enjoy what they do and it shows. They are very good at what they do and THAT shows also. They get houses sold year round, even during slow times and still for a profit. They stay ahead of the constantly changing Real Estate market by adapting to the future as it happens instead of after it happens. Jason and Sandy are leaders in the industry.

Other investors watch what AIL is doing and then attempt to copy while AIL is looking ahead to the next change. So, often imitated but never duplicated (trust me, they are one of a kind), Jason and Sandy are definitely the best stewards to trust with your investment dollars and YOU can take that too the bank. I already am!

Mesa, AZ

The Fountain Family
As many new home buyers hope to always have a smooth transition in the purchase of a home, there are times when something doesn’t go just as one plans. However, when you deal with Arizona Investment Link those issues are taken care of quickly and efficiently.

My family was contemplating on buying a home. We met Bart Mahrer (Great guy)… honest and gets the job done. When we found a house and toured through, Bart wasn’t on our backs trying to hassle us, he let us take our time and after answering our questions, with positive feedback, we decided to purchase the home. Bart put the plan and papers in motion immediately.

To make a long story short … the house is now our home and we are extremely pleased with everything Bart has done. He was always available, he made the calls to the correct people to keep things moving, he asked us questions to make sure we were happy with the way things were proceeding. He is a true people person and looking to keep everyone involved in the selling/buying process happy and headache free.

If any of our friends are looking to buy a home, we will point them in the direction of Arizona Investment Link and especially towards Bart Mahrer … Did I mention he’s a Great and honest person to do business with? That in itself is rare these days.

Thank you Bart,

The Fountain Family

Steve M.
Jason and Team,

I have done almost 10 properties with Jason LaFlesch and the rest of the team to date. The most remarkable aspect of the system they have in place is the ease with which a person can get involved. And once involved it really takes minimal effort on the part of the investor to see their investment to completion. Whether it is a fix and flip or a buy and hold all of the paperwork and transactions can be done remotely. If you never want to visit the property you do not have to. In fact the drive to the property would likely take longer than the combined amount of time a person needs to spend in the process from purchase to sale of a property.

I do not want to suggest that investors are blindly giving their money to AIL and are unaware of what is being done with the capital. On the contrary, investors are kept informed throughout the entire process. However, for people who already have full time jobs and families the amount of time spent on an investment is as important as the amount of capital invested. And as far as the rate of return goes some properties do better than others; but even on my worst property I turned a profit. Who can say that about their worst stock investment?

-Steve M.
Scottsdale AZ

Dan & Jen
To Jason LaFlesch and AIL:

I want to thank you for your help and guidance in our recent home purchase. The level of knowledge and expertise you provide is superior. We were looking for a great deal at the trustee sale but also wanted a home we could live in comfortably for years to come. You catered your services to fill both these needs. On several occasions you met us at properties with little or short notice. You provided expert analysis on the homes, communities, and overall area. You went above and beyond to ensure that we got the best home for the best price. Whenever I emailed or called, the response time was almost immediate. You truly understand what customer service is all about. I would recommend your company and services to anyone who is interested in purchasing property, either to live in or as an investment. I look forward to working with you again.

Dan & Jen
Queen Creek, AZ

Bob & Betty

Dear Jason & Staff,

Just a word of thanks for the 3 successful fix & flips homes we have had in just the 7 months we have been with AIL.
We are pleased with the professionalism that all the people involved at AIL has shown in each transaction.
We are impressed by the record time that it takes to fix the properties once purchased and “very” pleased with the short amount of time it has taken to sell each property.
We are appreciative of the 2 or 3 hours (if that much) that we are involved in each transaction. ” We just sit back and let you work your magic”.
Most of all it has allowed us to recoup a lot of our losses from our IRA.


Bob & Betty H.

Chris S.
Just wanted to say thanks to Jason and Sandy. Before I purchased my first property, Jason personally walked me through the AZ investment Link process including inviting me to go along with the house drive buys and the diligence his team performs. Part of my criteria prior to establishing a business relationship is to validate personal integrity in addition to demonstrated capability. In both cases, Jason and team met this criteria. In addition, the buying process is streamlined and defined such that little time is required from the investor. Just what the doctor ordered for executives with demanding schedules and little flexibility.

I have now purchased five properties to date, and have been pleased with the upfront property selection, best-in-class refurbishment results, and prompt listing and sales expertise. Profitability, timing, and service have all exceeded expectations. I look forward to growing my relationship with the AZ Investment Link team as Jason and Sandy continue to earn my repeat business and gracious thanks.

Chris S. Peoria, Az.

Dena B.

“I have had the honor of working with AIL on three different purchases through AIL’s Foreclosure Auction process. Each of my purchases was for fix and flip. AIL managed the entire process! I’ve been investing in Real Estate since 2002 but since the “Great Recession” hit in 2008, I’ve watched all that I had worked so hard for evaporate. It has been so refreshing to work with the professionals at AIL and continue to participate in an investment market I love. However, by living in California one might think investing in Arizona, a state a significant distance from where I live, would be foolish. But that isn’t the case with AIL. They handle the process from the court house steps, to the rehab, to the listing and marketing of the property. On my last purchase we had some challenges with the title and Jason LaFlesch immersed himself in the situation and had it resolved within two weeks! We originally thought the remedy would take months! Jason and his team work on every transaction as if it were there own personal investment. They are honest and upfront. They are attentive and caring. AIL is not only a business it is a team you’ll be proud to work with. I know I have been!! Thank you AIL everything. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed!!”

Dena, Ca.

Adam I.
Working with Jason and all the support team with Arizona Investment Link has been outstanding. The level of service is unmatched, from providing a list of available properties, previewing, bidding, negotiating a vacancy with the current home owner (if needed,) rehabbing, listing, and selling. Plus, the turnaround time is fantastic. My family has been investing with AIL since January 2010, and have already bought 5 properties. And sold 4 of them. There are other people out there that will make bids at auction for you, but they will not do the research that is necessary to make a wise investment. Before I bought my first property, I certainly had apprehensions. But after speaking with Jason, and going on a preview drive with him, I felt confident that any investment I made would be safe. I have not been disappointed.

- Adam, Chandler AZ

Korey S.
I would like to commend the Arizona Investment Link Team for their outstanding level of commitment to making Auction Purchases an enormous success. From the drive reports before the auction, to the speedy construction turn around, their level of service goes unmatched. As a local Real Estate Professional myself, I recognize the importance of working with a team that is professional, courteous, trustworthy and most importantly, knowledgeable in the local market. I have absolutely no reservations in continuing to refer my friends, family and clients to Jason LaFlesch Cox and their team; I know that their passion for their clients success will inevitably continue to produce years of profitable business.

- Korey

Brett H.
My family and I have been working with Arizona Investment Link since approximately March of 2010. I met the guys that make it happen over the phone initially, as I am a Realtor and I called on one of their rehab and flips. After a lengthy conversation with the AIL Team about the market, what they were doing, etc. I asked if they wouldn’t mind meeting with me to discuss potentially working with my family. I had done numerous Real Estate investments and several flips over the years myself, but due to my time constraints with clients, and also some health issues, I realized that I could really benefit from a company like theirs. We met over lunch, discussed their philosophy and way of doing business, their experience and team they had built. As soon as I left our meeting over lunch I knew I had found a great team in which to partner with and do some investing. As of September 2010 we have purchased 4 properties with Arizona Investment Link, thru bidding at the auction. Their entire team of workers, including Sandy and their crews who rehab the homes are fabulous to work with. The rehab crews they have are in and out in a week or less, so the homes are on the market very quickly, not to mention the work they do is above the rest. The BEST part of their process is its hands off, so essentially they research the home values, do drive by’s of the homes, bid on your behalf, rehab the homes, list and sell the home……… and even eviction if necessary. As a full time Realtor that allows me to focus on my clients and my business, while Arizona Investment Link looks out for my best interest and investment, handling my money as if its their own. I know for a fact there are other companies that charge less but I see the true value in their process (handling everything from start to finish), the work they do, and I trust them most importantly. You get what you pay for and to be the best you have to work with the best. All 4 properties have made my family money, some more than others, but if you take the average it’s still a 10% return (net) in a very short time. All 4 properties sold and I believe the longest took 3 weeks. They have been great and I look forward to future transactions!

- Brett

Joe C.

I want to take a minute to express my gratitude to Jason and crew. This was my first large investment. As we all know, property investment is a little intimidating these days. Working with Jason (I call him the MAN!) was the most unbelievable and easiest guy to deal with. Jason really knows what he’s doing when it comes to doing his research and Bidding on homes . Bids very conservatively. Jason (I call him the go to guy) rehabs the home in about 5 days and it looks AWESOME! Both of these guys made making money fun and you don’t have to do a thing. I really don’t think it could be any easier . I just received our funds from the first home and made a 25% profit. What a great feeling. (WOOHOO) One day after receiving the proceeds, I’m back in the game again on home #2 with a lot more to go . Thanks to everybody at Arizona Investment Link and the great job they’ve done for me!

- Joe, Chandler, AZ

I was referred to Jason by a trusted friend of mine. After looking over the area, my wife and I decided to “get in the game” as Jason says. From start the finish, Jason and crew did a fantastic job! Working with the tenant, rehab work, and sale of the house was handled professionally and very quickly. From start to finish it took five weeks, and the house looked beautiful when done. Best of all, I made a great return.

- Thomas

The Davidsons
Jason, Just wanted to say thanks again to you and the rest of your team. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with Ailaz, and I would recommend your program to anyone. Throughout the process you were quick to respond to my many questions on a daily basis, usually within minutes of an email. We are just average Joe investors, but you always made us feel like your biggest customer. Finally, you far surpassed our targeted profit range, we would have been happy with even half the money you made for us. We’d like you to know we plan on doing business with you until you retire, or they run out of foreclosures.

- The Davidsons

Jason, regarding my short sale I must tell you that you have put me into a state of ease and comfort knowing that there is somebody out there to assist me in my dilemma. I thank you. I look forward to visiting with you again. I also want you to know that I spent 2.5 to 3 hours on your website Sunday. Love the video’s and all of the information on there. I look forward to seeing you again. Thank you.

- Mary

Jason and team’s professionalism and enthusiasm is unsurpassed. As a long time real estate investor, developer and builder, I have never seen such attention to detail and dedication to clients. Their confidence in what they do is backed by hard work, respect for their clients, and their expertise in all aspects of the current real estate market. They are experts at turning on a dime and quick decision making, and they protect their clients’ money as if it is their own. In the span of just four weeks, I have bought four properties with Jason and one is already sold, two under contract, and one in rehab. We are trying pick up fifth and sixth! If you are novice investor you will benefit from their guidance and knowledge , and if you are a long time investor your reach into the market, and capabilities to exploit the market will be enhanced tremendously. We are hoping to be working with Jason for the foreseeable future and throw a lot of business at them.

- Peter

I have purchased three homes at auction from Arizona Investment Link and Arizona Investment Link. Absolutely incredible experience. Jason LaFlesch has been extremely knowledgeable and professional and have taken care of every step throughout the entire process. I did decide to flip the first three properties which have exceeded my expectations. I have purchased a 4th home last Monday and am working on a 5th. I would recommend Arizona Investment Link to anyone that wants to break into the real estate investment market.


Hello. I ran across this website and figured that I would leave a review for Arizona Investment Link. Jason LaFlesch is who I have been working with at Arizona Investment Link and he is the owner of Arizona Investment link. I bought two homes from him about a month and a half ago now. Both homes were bought in order to “flip”. Arrangements were made to rehab the homes which both were rehabbed and done amazingly within a week. Both were put on the market for resale and BOTH have been resold. I have realized a net profit of $24,231 on one of the homes and $16,540 on the other. The second home is a week and a half away from closing but looks solid. I was referred by a friend to talk with Jason LaFlesch and glad I did. Look forward to doing many more transactions with him for years to come!

Thank You,


I typically don’t take time to write reviews but I have just been so blown away by the exceptional personal service that Jason LaFlesch provides at Arizona Investment Link and www.ailaz.com. It would be hard to find another two guys that have as much fun as they do, while being complete experts in their field. Jason and team have been going above and beyond my expectations since day one. I have been working with them for almost two years and have delivered profitable results for me every single time.They consistently go the extra mile when making me money. I encourage everyone out there to get involved with these guys because they are the best at what they do. That is making people money.



Mark and Dana
I would recommend Jason LaFlesch and the Arizona Investment Link team to anyone and everyone. I hear about many people saying the real estate market is dead. Not true. You just need to link up with a company that knows the market. I’m glad we did. I only write this because they closed our first transaction for us when initially we thought it would be impossible. We netted a bit over $17,000 on our first flip. Check out their website and see for yourself.

Mark and Dana

Jason and his team have truly met and exceeded all expectations. They have a great pulse on the current market conditions and make you money in this “down market”. The whole process from putting in a bid, home fix-ups to selling the house was a completely hands-off process for me; which is important with my busy schedule. With a great open line of communication throughout the process, they kept me up to speed on all aspects. Due to their positive, energetic personalities and their “out of the box” thinking, they were able to sell my home quickly for a very nice profit. Professionalism and trustworthiness of their caliber is hard to find, and I would highly recommend their services. It was a WIN-WIN scenario that I hope continues for a long time to come.


I started off as a painter painting an investment home for Jason and asked Jason how I could start buying investment homes. Jason explained the process to me and 2 weeks later I purchased my first house. Jason and team guided me through the process with professionalism and careful attention to detail. I initially started the rehab myself but quickly learned how fast the AIL team’s crew could finish it and allow me to focus on my busy schedule. 6 days later the house sold to a cash buyer with ease. I’m looking at buying my 2nd home now and look to increase my business as well as give all my business to Jason and his team. If you’re looking for top-notch, professional, intelligent, market savvy, and solid guys with a proven track record then Jason and his team are your guys!!



AIL founder & Realtor Jason LaFlesch is one of the most successful real estate investment & wholesale experts in the greater Phoenix area. With over $72 million in real estate transactions since 2009, Jason’s wit & savvy to go above & beyond the other so-called “experts” & his clients readily come back for more!

Transparency is the number 1 indicator you’re trusting the “real deal”. Jason has all his real estate transactions on this site, so you can follow the success and your success when you join in by buying your own home to live in, or as an investment!