Real Estate Power Hour


radio real estate investing show

The Real Estate Power Hour is a fast paced, exciting show that airs every Wednesday from 1-2pm on 1510 KFNN.

Your host of The Real Estate Power Hour is Jason LaFlesch, a 10 year “Live” talk show veteran, will be sure to keep you entertained with real estate news and strategies for the entire hour the show airs.

The show is fun but also very educational. Stay up to date on all “Arizona Trustee Sales” also known as “Foreclosure Auctions” updates and happenings. In the meantime, listen to our ‘archived’ shows or better yet feel free to ‘download’ them and share the shows with others. Enjoy!!!
all involved. The Real Estate Mix put this shindig together which brought about 80 professional Realtors, Escrow Officers and Lenders from all over the Valley. What a Fantastic Event this was! Make sure to listen to the show and hear several guests speak Live. Of course Sandy and Jason are in rare form, as usual! o, both Jason and Sandy have completely “Lost it”. Yep, the 3rd segment of the show we went out of control and the wheels fell off. This show is a must hear especially if you need an impromptu laugh! Enjoy!!