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Fresh Start InvestmentsPerformance In Today’s Market

In April of 2011, Arizona Investment Link unveiled their Freshstart Homeownership Program. FHP is a fantastic Buy and Hold strategy allowing Arizona Real Estate Investors to benefit from a traditional Buy and Hold investing model while avoiding the hassles of property management, HOA fees, taxes, insurance, and property maintenance.

Program Highlights:

  • Selling Time is Reduced (increases on annual ROI)
  • Sell at higher retail price without the hassle of traditional financing (no appraisal or seasoning issues) for greater annual ROI
  • Property is Secured with 20-30% Down Payment Depending on Loan Program
  • 8.5% annual interest return (9% less .5% to Title Company to Service Loan)
  • Exposes your property to much larger market segment
  • Home Buyer covers taxes, HOA, and Insurance
  • No hassles with tenants/ costs of property management or late night calls
  • Home-Buyers are under supervision of Mtg Co with Free Credit RepairHomeowner has Pride Of Ownership further securing your investment

It all starts with a wholesale property acquisition from Arizona Investment Link, an immediate implementation of our “10 Day or Less” property rehab-AT COST, and property marketing as an “Owner Carry” or “Seller Financing”.

These properties typically sell within days at above market value. Through initial marketing and testing, we currently have hundreds of eager buyers interested in purchasing a “Freshstart” property. Here’s why you should consider entering your free and clear property in the “Freshstart Homeownership Program” by Arizona Investment Link.

1. Making the Deal

In some cases, you will be able to make deals that you would not have been able to otherwise with the use of seller financing. Due to the three “Credit Fatalities” (Foreclosure, Short Sale, and/or Bankruptcy) many buyers will not be able to qualify for a traditional loan at a bank. They really want to purchase a house but they cannot get the money through traditional means. By using seller financing, you can cater to this rapidly expanding demographic.

2. Higher Interest

When you utilize seller financing, you are able to charge higher interest than what is available in the market. Most of the time, those that are willing to pursue seller financing expect to pay higher interest rates. This will allow you to create a steady source of income for yourself at a solid interest rate.

3. Better Terms

When you are utilizing seller financing, you can expect better terms or a higher purchase price. Since you are financing the sale, the buyer does not have to pay all of the closing costs that come with a traditional lender.

With today’s economic uncertainty and thousands of recently foreclosed property owners, demand will remain high for these properties for years to come.

Contact Arizona Investment Link today to get more details on this exciting and high demand Arizona Real Estate Investment Strategy at 602-369-4663.